We produced clothes packaging machines for hotels. The serial packaging system, especially used by textile manufacturers, has been developed to be used in the laundry and dry cleaning units of hotels.

The special system developed for the serial packaging of Floktek garments was exhibited at the Emitt Fair. The hotel provides the serial packaging of the clothes given by the customers for cleaning and ironing. We have made the system that has been used by dry cleaning and exporting companies up to now also available in the laundry and dry cleaning units of hotels. We saw that the system received more demand than we expected from the hotels.

We have been producing and distributing packaging machines to the textile industry for 10 years.

It is a difficult and tiring job to bag the clothes one by one in the laundry and dry cleaning units in big hotels. This system also ensures customer satisfaction with the care that the hotel gives to its customer's clothing. The hoteliers who came said, “We were looking for something like this.” It shows that we are doing the right thing.
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