PND07 Welded Bottom Pneumatic Packing Machine

PND07 Welded Bottom Pneumatic Packing Machine

Product Code: PND 07
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Product Description

PND07 Welded Bottom Pneumatic Packing Machine

Code: PND 07


Bag Type: Perforated Roll Bag

Bag Dimensions: Max 65 cm.

Usage Areas

The textile

Dimensions: 90x80x200cm.

Weight: 42 kg.

Temperature Setting: Yes

Welding Time Setting: Yes

Length Adjustment: Yes (40cm - 170cm)

Product Count: Yes / Digital

Wheel: Yes

Stabilization: Yes

Supply Voltage: 220 Volt - 24 Volt AC

Daily Production: 1500 - 2000 Pcs.

  • 3-6 bar air pressure works with 12 volts and 220-.
  • Thanks to the digital control panel, the journal and the annual production of counter adjustment  decoction time party.
  • Declaring the party that Set out with the alarm feature.
  • Made with the coolest and the process of decoction of foot was with the effortless Pistons control of employee.
  • The ability to continuously on the screen number of the packaging.
  • Keeping in memory the number of total production.
  • 1 hour, ...800-1000 PCs packaging is done.
  • Provides space saving.
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